Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gotta Love a Pair of Big Jugs...

...but the Jerries won't!

Here is the 761st Tank Battalion so far- with a little help from some friends, courtesy of the Republic Aviation Corporation.  It includes some of my latest acquisitions, prompted by the excellent sale that Hobby Link Japan has been having recently. 

Two ever-so-sexy P-47's, two companies of Sherman M4A3/76's, a company of M4A3/75's,  and an HQ company (including a CS Sherman with 105mm howitzer in white camo).    Most are by Easy Model, with a few ready-made Dragon kits as well.

The Dragon kits are the better models (especially the tracks), but they are also more expensive.  As I didn't want this project to cost an arm and a leg,  I chose Easy Model whenever possible.  And they look just fine for gaming.

The nice thing is that as they stand now, they are ready to game with.  In time, and once I've collected appropriate decals and some bits 'n pieces for stowage, they'll get a uniform coat of paint. But for the time being, this is a force ready to go.

Note the gaps in the second two companies.  These will be filled by the two model M4A3E1 Jumbos; resin kits that I have tucked away on the shelf, as I assemble the courage to put them together.

No M5 light tank company yet- not a lot of choices out there it seems.  RAFM white metal kits in all probability.  These may cost more for a company of three than the rest of the battalion did!

As I mentioned before, I have played around with the actual TOE of the 761st so that it is more typical of a 1944 armoured battalion.  From what I can tell the 761st only had M4A3/76's, but it was more usual to find mixed battalions in the ETO.  I also got an M4A1/76 with VVSS suspension for the HQ vehicle.  This came on the scene towards the end of the war, but I really like the shape of this Sherman, and the Dragon kit was too good to resist.

The P-47's will have their landing gear remodelled in the "up" position, and I'll add a length of tubing into the underbelly so that I can perch them on the same kind of stand that I used for my Soviet Sturmovik.  I'm also thinking of repainting them at some point to- perhaps Mexican or Brazilian?  Not a priority, mind.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love the Smell of Bargains in the Morning....

Five more Shermans for the Black Panthers! 

From Easy Model, three M4A3/75's, and an M4A3/76,  Perched on top is a rather cool-looking M4A1/76 from Dragon.  All for about $6.50 Canadian or so each.

This makes ten Shermans in all.  Apart from the light tanks, all I need now are a close support Sherman with a 105mm howitzer, and possibly one more M4A3/76, depending on how I want to distribute the Jumbos throughout the battalion.

They will be repainted, with an OD and black camo scheme like the M4A1/76 at the top.